Monday, 14 January 2013

Rotoscoping Tutorial Project - outcomes

Today I'v finished Rotoscoping technique in Nuke tutorial by Digital Tutors. You can buy it Here.

Result & Outcomes

My result of the tutorial.

 Roto preview methods.

  • Point consistency is very important
  • Drawing Bezier points close to each other distorts curve
  • Avoid too much keyframes, unless it is necessary
  • If some parts of the main object become hidden during animation it is better to use another roto shapes for them.
  • Remember to keep parallax in mind
Tutor discussed that Rotoscoping is close to animation and it is good to learn animation principles. It is good , because my main education in animation area. He also pointed that rotoscoping isn't glamorous part of VFX industry, however it is very essential part of it.

I personally agree. I've been thinking about rigging. It is less popular than animation, however without rigging there won't be successful animation.

Can't wait to apply knowledge to my own project. I'm going to learn keying and then do roto/keying project. 
Moreover, I'm learning Silhouette, which is really great software for Roto

Alongside working on Gramophone & Cerebus Projects.

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